The Hockey News Rocks!

P. K. Subban


The Hockey News Yearbook has just come out with their pick of the best 50 players, (not just defencemen) in the NHL. The first three are not surprising:  1. Sidney Crosby 2. Alex Ovechkin and 3. Steven Stamkos. Not too many arguments there right! How about the number 4 slot? You got it. It’s our man Erik Karlsson. Here’s what they had to say: “Had he not sustained a devastating Achilles tendon injury last season, there’s a good chance Karlsson would have been the first back to back winner of the Norris Trophy since Nicklas Lidstrom and just the second in more than two decades. He’s undersized, but he’s also the most offensively gifted defenceman in the NHL and the best at moving the puck up the ice.” Wow. eleven places higher than Zdeno Chara, 19 slots higher than Pernell Karl and 41 places higher than Daniel Sedin! Gotta love it. Watch here to find out why, and then buy a signed jersey at T1M Sports and get on the bandwagon.